1001 Nights

Drama Series
158 X 1 Commercial Hour
3 Seasons
Kanal D
Weekly, Primetime
The series is phenomenally compelling, and has glued viewers to their screens for 3 seasons.

A man without faith in women… A mother tested by life… Despite the severe objections of her family, Sehrazat married Ahmet, son of a patriarchal family, and gave birth to a boy. When their son was only one year old, Ahmed died in a traffic accident and Sehrazat began the struggle for life with her baby. However, this young woman's misfortunes were not yet over. She learned that her boy had leukemia and began to put her heart and soul into getting him the medical treatment he needs.

The story begins with Sehrazat trying to raise $200,000 for her son Kaan's treatment. The cure has been determined, a matching marrow donor has been found in Azerbaijan and the only obstacle that stands in her way is money. First, Sehrazat contacts her father-in-law Mr. Burhan. Although he is a very wealthy man, Mr. Burhan rejects her request. She approaches the bank for a loan, but they also turn her down.

The young woman, doing her best to keep her son alive, then calls on one of the two young and handsome managers of the company she works at. Her manager's proposal changes her life and turns Sehrazat's world upside-down.

"1001 Nights" was created by a highly experienced team that has worked together for many years. It is one of the most compelling series of all time.