About Us
Established in 2006, Global Agency is the world’s leading independent TV content distributor of series and formats for international markets. Global Agency was founded in the second half of 2006 with only 1 project and a team of 2 people. It now has over 150 projects and a team of 28 people. Our company slogan is “Content that Creates Buzz” and we live up to it through distribution of our hit content, including Magnificent Century, 1001 Nights, Broken Pieces, Keep Your Light Shining, Perfect Bride, Shopping Monsters and The Remix.

In just a few short years, we have become one of the fastest-growing distributors in the industry and now, we are known as the world’s leading independent distributor thanks to our strong line-up of content and our experienced team. Our catalogue includes formats and series from around the world, and due to our long-established relationships with some of the world's most creative individuals and companies, we are able to offer buyers the hottest new content throughout the year.

At Global Agency, we are committed to acquiring the highest quality and most original new content through our partnerships with leading broadcasters and production companies in all the major territories. With an international team, and bases in Turkey, France, UK and Spain, our knowledge of the global entertainment industry allows us to find and sell cutting-edge content that can be adapted in territories around the world. We have built a reputation for our dynamic and high-profile marketing strategy and attending over 15 international markets a year is a major part of our global reach.