102 Minutes

On a misty morning, an old bus leaves from Batum to go to Istanbul. As the bus stops at various places on the way, Russian women of all ages and professions, each with a unique tale, board.

In this bus full of women, there are three Turkish men. Three brothers who have come together after many years to carry out their father's last wish ... The eldest, Necati Bey (Uğur Yücel), views life through his father's eyes. Hasan (Cem Davran) is a sailor, the conqueror of open seas and women's hearts. The youngest, Mehmet (Ozan Güven), grew up with their mother in Germany and has much to learn about his brothers, life and love.

All these different characters and their outlooks on life intertwine. Passions flare and preconceptions are shattered as the disparate collection of passengers embarks, at the same time, on a personal journey of discovery. A chain of irreversible events lead to heartbreak, tragedy and enlightenment.

It is a journey on a bus full of joy, sadness, love and life itself.