Be My Back Up Singer

Talent Show
Weekly, Prime Time
A 13 week singing audition competition where performers try to win the hearts and minds of 4 famous celebrity singers who are looking for back-up singers. Each contestant applies to this competition with one of the celebrity singers in mind. Every episode 12 new performers will come forward, 3 for each of the celebrity singers. All performances take place in a darkened recording studio room on the stage. When the contestant steps up to the mic, they can see the celebrity and studio audiences, but no one can see them. If the celebrity likes the sound of the voice, the window is then lit up and the contestant is revealed. They will join the celebrity singer’s team in the next phase. If they don’t like the voice, it’s on to the next singer. By week 9, each celebrity will have collected 10 singers each and will have to decide which one will be their next backup singer.