Cook for the Chefs

Cooking Show
Weekly, Access Prime Time
In this weekly cooking show, two famous Master Chefs are traveling the nation to discover the best home cooks. The cooks have all applied to be on the show and are confident in their skills. Every week, the host will arrive in a new neighborhood and surprise one home cook and their family on their doorsteps. Giving them 90 minutes to prepare their best possible 3 course dinner with ingredients found at home, the host then moves on to the second household and ambushes another cook. Once the first cook's time is up, the Master Chefs will arrive, holding a suitcase with $50,000 prize money inside for the best cook. They will meet the first family and taste their courses, then move to the second household. Both families will be invited to an iconic restaurant in town, where their efforts will be discussed and scored. The best Cook for the Chefs will be given a set of 5 keys and a chance at the big money prize. Only one key will open the suitcase, but if they don’t win the cash, they will be awarded a smaller prize for participation.