Cook It Up

Cooking Show
Daily / Weekly, Access Prime Time
A studio-based cooking competition program in which couples compete over three laps. The studio is set up with two kitchens, a waiting room and a dining hall. Four couples start the game with a quiz round with general knowledge questions about food. The lowest scoring couple is eliminated. The next round is a guessing game where one partner picks a word card and tries to describe it to their partner using only kitchenware and gestures to help. For every correct guess they score points, and one more couple is eliminated. In the final round with two couples, In the third and final round, the men head to the kitchen and select cards from four fortune bowls. Each one will have a main ingredient, or a spice, or a cooking method written on it, and the men must prepare a dish using every card! A chef will help them with the preparation, but their partners will be the judges. Scores are given on taste, presentation and kitchen cleanliness without the partners knowing who cooked which dish. In the end, the highest scoring couple will win a holiday.