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Are you still single? Eager to feel loved but feeling awkward, insecure in social situations? Are you shy around women (or guys)? Are you really bad at dating?

You are not alone and do we have a must-see program for you!

We have booked the most successful seduction experts. They can be celebrities, professional coaches or even your friends you know are really good at it and asked them to train people like you. But they are not doing it just to show off their skills.

To win the game, they will compete against another team of coaches and they have to show they can train people successfully at the game of love.

Both teams select three suitors who will go through an extensive training: total makeover, how to of small talk/seduction, when and how to kiss etc. After these workshops, two participants are selected and will go on real dates followed by our hidden cameras.

Their date will let us know how she felt and rate the seduction skills of each suitor. The coaching team earning the most points will win the game and get a reward.

Which team of experts will be crowned the best teachers? Who will become best student of the game of love?

By the end of each episode you will have laughed, learned, felt sorry for the girl or the guy and may be become slightly better yourself as you learn new skills and maybe graduate from the Dating School.