Dear Family

122 X 1 Commercial Hour
2 Seasons
Weekly, Prime Time
Samim has lost his sister and brother-in-law in a traffic accident. Now, he has to end his easy life on the cruise ship where he is a waiter. But how can he leave when he has huge gambling debts to people on the cruise? At the last moment, his best friend, Ali, who he loves like a brother, helps him pay his gambling debts.

When Samim arrives in Istanbul, he sees that the house is full of his sister's friends, but after everyone leaves, Samim realizes that he is alone with his sister's three children.

On top of suddenly becoming the guardian for three children, Samim's friend Ali comes to the house in a desperate attempt to find his missing fiancé. Samim, Ali, and the children coincidentally move into the house across the street from Meliha, who Samim left at the altar on their wedding day twenty years ago.

For twenty years, Meliha had not heard anything from Samim. In fact, she did not want to hear from him, and lost her trust in men. She now lives with her sisters Feride and Seyhan. Her only aim is to protect her sisters from life's challenges, and to see them get married to good people. Meliha is happy her sister Seyhan is engaged to Halim, who is from Adana and owns a small restaurant. But she wants to rescue her other sister Feride from Kenan, who is very handsome, but continues to postpone their marriage.

Although Samim had already been planning his retirement, he now has to face his biggest fear – taking care of three children: 17-year-old rebel Yigit, 16-year-old math genius Eda, and 6-year-old daydreamer Mert Can.

When Meliha thinks she has finally forgotten Semim, she finds him as her new neighbor. When Feride has almost lost hope with Kenan, she is reunited with him. And Meliha's biggest nightmare happens: Seyhan is falling in love with Ali while she is engaged.

Anger, sorrow, laugher... a disaster brings our heroes together. Samim understands that what happens to him is not a disaster, but a key to his happiness.