Kösem Sultan
The dramatic story of a young woman who climbed to the highest rank in the Ottoman Empire after being brought to Istanbul with a group of slaves.
Love, Bitter
A film that encompasses love, betrayal, revenge and intrigue
Love in a Different Language
When Zeynep and Onur first meet, the attraction is mutual. However, Onur is a deaf-mute. Despite the challenges, Zeynep thinks he is the one for her and their love blossoms.
First Love
"First Love" presents a delightful insight into the first loves of different generations.
Game of Love
Handsome and a womanizer, Ali who is the son of a craftsman who runs a shop in an old shopping mall in Istanbul faces many problems with women.
The Goal of My Life
A romantic comedy about the fiery love between the young, breathtaking career woman Pinar and Uğur, a football fanatic.
Their personalities, dreams and passions are different. But they are all on the same journey.
Istanbul Tales
In Istanbul, every now and then even the most ordinary lives sparkle with fairytale magic...
You Are The Woman of My Life
A movie depicting the glorious and inexorable love story of Asuman and Tayfur.
The Dragon Trap
When a serial killer goes after former convicted pedophiles, it is up to Police Commissioner Abbas and his Chief Celal to stop the killings.