53 X 1 Commercial Hour
Weekly, Prime Time
Is there really such a thing as soul mate? Somewhere in the world is “that person” who is created solely for us, who is waiting for us, who is making us feel love the minute our eyes meet, “real”? Asli and Baris are about to find out, since the path they took for utterly different reasons is taking them to a fairytale-like love filled with miracles…

On one hand, there is this very successful, charming divorce lawyer who has distanced himself from love since he feels that there is nothing left in life that can surprise him: Baris Yildirim… He is threatened by an unjust extortion and if he can’t find the real guilty one behind the accident his cousin has been involved in, he’ll be left holding the bag.

On the other hand, there is this young woman who is vibrant, smart, fun and full of life: Asli Koryurek, also known as the Firefly. Asli is working as a taxi driver to support her family. She is looking for the man who hit her beloved niece with his car and ran, leaving her niece strapped to a wheel-chair. She won’t rest until she finds that heartless man and see him in prison.

Baris and Asli’s paths cross by this accident. Baris’s cousin looks as if he is guilty in the accident and to protect his family Baris decides to watch Asli closely and offers her a job as her private chauffeur. Even though she has second thoughts, Asli accepts this job offer for her family’s sake and the two end up in the same car.

Now, at the driver’s seat of the luxurious car sits a beautiful young woman and at the passenger seat sits a handsome man who is keeping a secret from her. Before them is an adventurous journey.

As their journey leads them to love in full speed, Baris will face the hardest question of his life: Is it possible to escape from love?