First Love

Romantic Drama
116 Minutes
In the early 1990s, in a town on the coast of the Aegean Sea...

One of the town's notable families, the Arifoğulları family, is far from their glory days. Their olive oil factory is decaying, most of their plantations have been sold, and they have pretty much nothing left of value. The head of the family, Arif Arifoğlu, is an 85-year-old bitter man who has long retired from his business. His son Azmi's only concern is to win back the heart of his ex-wife, Nevin. While Azmi's son, Kemal, dreams of the comfortable life he could lead if only he could sell the decaying factory. The youngest of the Arifoğulları family, great-grandson Arif Ege is the most sensible member of the family, among his father, grandfather and great-grandfather. While transitioning from childhood to adolescence, Arif Ege pursues his first love.

With the death of great-grandfather Arif Arifoğlu, secrets that have been kept hidden for years begin to be revealed. The middle child of the family, Asaf, who had gone off to the Korean War 40 years ago, returns to his hometown upon the news of his father's death. Until now, everyone had considered him dead, as no trace of him could be found after he was taken prisoner during the Korean War. The town is rocked as a result of his unexpected return. "First Love" presents a delightful insight into the first loves of different generations.