Game of Silence

Drama Series
Season 1: 32 X 1 Commercial Hour
Season 2: 24 X 1 Commercial Hour
Weekly, Prime Time
Show TV
Ecevit, Bilal, Ibrahim and Zeki...

They were just four little boys from the Kuyudibi district in Istanbul. They were bound to each other as brothers. One day, they made a childish mistake. It was an accident that came at a high cost, and their lives would never be the same again. They took an oath to never tell a single soul about what happened; they were going to keep this a secret until the end of their days. But, keeping this burden was not going to be an easy task...

After that day they swore to each other to keep their secret safe, the boys' lives went in different directions, leaving their childhood friend Ahu (Asli Enver) behind in Kuyuduibi. Ahu, the lonely orphan of yesterday, has grown up to be a fair young woman. There was only one person who had not turned his back on Ahu: Bilal, who has been deeply in love with her ever since he was a young boy. After many years, Bilal's one-sided love was finally returned by Ahu and they became a couple, admired by the entire neighborhood.

Twenty years passed since that unfortunate day, until when they all heard the news about Zeki. He was in prison for shooting a man. They all knew the man Zeki shot, and they all knew why he did it. They all knew they had to get back together and save Zeki from his situation.

Things did not go as they had hoped, and Zeki was murdered while he was in detention. They knew exactly who was behind Zeki's murder and why he was killed. This last tragedy was the last straw, ; it was now time to dig back into the past and take revenge for their shattered youth...