Grand Bazaar

Drama Series
70 Episodes, 1 Commercial Hour
Weekly, Prime Time
Cemal, Mahmut and Arda are very good friends who have no money and are all working at the Grand Bazaar. Their boss is kind and fatherly, but also has some financial problems. They are trying to find a solution to earn money so that they can save their boss. One day, the three friends cross the path of Diyar, a beautiful carpet-weaving girl from a little town. Diyar had just ran away from her home in order to escape an arranged marriage her father had set for her. Cemal makes a deal with Diyar to weave a carpet with the help of a young thief named Zeze. Her little fingers are perfect for the weaving job. When the world's thinnest carpet is completed, their dreams will come true. This is the fate that brings them together.

Life is not easy for them. They have to deal with the boss's cruel son, who has sworn to ruin Cemal's world. They have to protect Diyar from her father and her ex-fiancé. They have to rescue Zeze from her ex-boss, who had forced her to become a thief.

Then, when everything seems to settle down, Cemal's unexpected death causes them to fall apart. Now they all must cope with life again. This is the new beginning of their existence, until handsome man appears in the Grand Bazaar and shows them how to handle the difficulties of life.

Grand Bazaar is a story about people who are chasing a dream together. And at the end of the story, they understand that the real miracle is them.