Grand Family

Season 1 : 100 X 1 Commercial Hour
Season 2: Ongoing Production
Weekly, Prime Time
Secret service agent Nevzat decides to destroy Ünal, who is the leader of a clique that smuggles weapons. Hizir is one of the strongest member of the cliqe and so Nevzat asks him to kill Ünal. Initially Hizir doesn’t accept to betray the clique but soon enough the new developments bring them face to face.

Hızır’s private life is also tumultuous with the never ending drama within his big family. He is married to Meryem, who is a strong and stubborn woman. They have a young daughter and a son together. But a few years ago, Hızır has fallen in love with a young architect named Nazlı as well. When Meryem finds about her husband's affair and Nazlı's pregnancy; she confronts Nazlı, threatens her to end her relationship with her husband and have an abortion. However, Nazlı has no intention to give up on Hızır or the baby. For both of them the fight is not about being able to share a man, but a struggle for survival.

On the other hand, Hızır's big family has never-ending problems. İlyas, Hızır's brother, and his cousin Hatice, whom he calls his confidant, knew about the affair from the beginning. However neither of them told Meryem about it. İlyas is in a relationship with the god-daughter of Ünal, who is Hızır's nemesis. Hızır's late brother's son, Alparslan, whom Hızır raised as his own son, is actually acting as a double agent. And Hızır's son Ömer acts like a bully at school, following his father's footsteps.

Hızır wants to be in the central focus of all the women in his life; of his mother, of his wife, his daughter and girlfriend... He also gives much importance to his brother, his son, his nephew and the other members of his family; he is a self-giving "father" for them... He is a faithful friend... He is an indispensable brother. He is a fair and generous chief ...

On one hand, Hızır tries to hold the family together and maintain the balance, and on the other hand, he tries to survive without choosing between his wife and his affair.