High Society

Drama Series
76 X 1 Commercial Hour
Weekly, Prime Time
Star TV
Love will find a way, wherever you’re from.

Mert and Kerem are childhood friends who went to the same university. Mert is the spoilt son of a wealthy family, while Kerem’s mother is their maid. Kerem is proud and idealistic, and has always helped his friend Mert. After graduation, Kerem decides to go his own way. He dreams of starting an organic farm, but needs money to buy land. Meanwhile, his wealthy friend Mert is told by his father to get involved in the family¹s business or be cut off from the wealth. Mert goes to Kerem and asks for his help one last time. Kerem will take his place for a couple of months and become the manager of their family market chain. In exchange, Mert will give him the money he needs to buy his own organic farm.

Meanwhile Cansu visited a fortune teller and heard that she will only find true love with a poor man. Although Cansu comes from a wealthy family, she takes a job as shopgirl and ends up in meeting Kerem on his first day. He is now pretending to be wealthy Mert, while Mert pretends to be his friend Kerem. Kerem and Cansu are attracted to each other, and Mert also begins to fall for Ece who works in the same shop.

Will love straighten their paths to each other?