Home Therapy

Weekly, Prime Time
The dwelling of a couple generally reflects the current situation of the relationship: old furniture, faded wallpapers and outdated carpets might be the mirror of the emotional stage of each partner and straight up communication at times may lead to even more disastrous consequences. So, could doing a big house renovation project together also revive the washed-out relation? In Home Therapy, the couple will have a chance to express their problems to each other and attempt to solve them in a playful way, while rebuilding together their future family house, or mark the end of their story...

In each episode, the couple will be accompanied by the host of the program, the interior designer and the contractor. The trio will assist the couple with their expertise in decoration, in the sense of aesthetics as well as the critical aspects of the renovation such as the plumbing or electrical systems. The major challenge of the relation will be the adapt to the new life conditions: the couple will stay in the house during the works and remember how they had built their relationship from the beginning.