99 X 1 Commercial Hour
The story is about two men and a woman who are all greatly affected by destiny as well as their choices.

Ali Nejat Karasu is a powerful, wealthy and heartless young businessman. He doesn’t care for children, nor does he take women seriously. The only thing he truly cares about is success, but with time his business projects seem meaningless. He starts chasing an adrenalin rush from different adventures, finding himself happiest when he’s on the edge of death.

Umut Ozer is the son of a not so wealthy, but loving family. He is talented and smart. His dad dies when he was still young, who was a legendary auto repairer. The bright designer goes through multiple challenges in his life, regardless of his humble beginnings.

Umut’s wife Naz Ozer is a young pediatrician fresh off the medical school. She is an idealist, and moral values weigh way more than financial ones for her. Even though they’re in love, her marriage was sudden, and not so welcomed by both families. She chooses to shut these down, since they were expecting their first baby together and that was all that mattered to her. Unfortunately, Naz’s unborn child dies in her, along with all the hopes and love she had inside. Their marriage starts falling into pieces when Umut wants to try for another baby, but she refuses. At the same time, while Naz was understanding of her husband’s blind ambition and thought it was a necessary driving force to his success, she quickly realizes Umut is changing for the worse, and it’s time for her to start fresh. Unable to control Umut’s rage, she turns to Nejat, whom she found to be arrogant and distant at first. But her compassion and warmth will eventually soften him, as well as changing Naz. Nejat also gets greatly affected by the birth of his son with Didem, a one-night stand who later fell in love with him.

Two men’s paths cross over when Umut starts working for Nejat. While becoming very different people from where they’ve started, the only thing they can’t let go is their love for Naz.