Istanbul Tales

99 Minutes
Istanbul is one of the most alluring cities in the world...

Istanbul is a city of fairy tales...

In Istanbul, every now and then even the most ordinary lives sparkle with fairytale magic...

Fate is partial to tricks... A gypsy clarinetist suddenly turns into the Pied Piper, for example. Or the innocent daughter of a Mafia godfather runs into the eighth dwarf in Beyoğlu, the heart of Istanbul's throbbing nightlife scene. A call-girl transforms into Cinderella; a hungry, unemployed young man, new to the city, becomes Prince Charming; and a young woman, who has gone crazy living locked away in a Bosphorus mansion, turns into Sleeping Beauty. Little Red Riding Hood meets the Wicked Wolf in the brightly lit forest of an international airport. Irrespective of age, gender or sexuality, whether they are rich, poor, beautiful, ugly, guilty, innocent, marginal or powerful, the people of Istanbul - or foreigners passing through - transform into fairytale heroes in a vast panorama that encompasses all reaches of the city, from Beyoğlu to Aksaray, the Bosphorus to the underworld.

Each of these fairytales is interconnected. Lives intersect and influence one another. A single murder, for example, can change the lives of not only the murderer and victim, but also a host of other people forever. The most insignificant act can produce awesome consequences. The main character of one tale can become an extra in another.

Istanbul is a city that spans two continents; a metropolis situated at the easternmost point of the West and westernmost point of the East. And it is here that the best-known fairytales of the West are enacted once again. Istanbul Tales tells us that there is no such thing as an East-West divide, but that true fairytales are the same the world over.