Just Smile

64 X 1 Commercial Hour
Weekly, Prime Time
Show TV
On one side the independent, poor but happy Civan Family and on the other side the rich, prodigal, luxury addict Ozdemir Family. Two different lives, two different life styles…

The connection between these two different families is Hasan Civan. He works for the Ozdemir family as their driver since 30 years.

Lütfü Ozdemir lives with his wife and their two daughters in a majestic mansion.

Everything changes when Hasan’s grandson Sarp comes back from the US after completing his education and coincidentally meets Lutfu’s spoiled daughter Yasemin at the airport. Yasemin is supposed to marry a rich man the next day.

In fact, Lütfü is about to declare bankruptcy and sees her daughter’s marriage as his escape plan. Things will change for everyone at this wedding: Lütfü can’t hide his broken financial situation as a secret anymore and the groom’s family change their minds about the marriage as they don’t want their son to wed a poor girl. Lütfü loses everything, including their luxury mansion, and Hasan opens his home to Ozdemir Family since he promised to Lütfü’s father to take care of him.

Ozdemir and Civan families start living together under one roof due to mandatory conditions and this will not change as quickly as they anticipate.