Knife's Edge

Drama Series
60 Episodes, 1 Commercial Hour
Weekly, Prime Time
Kanal D
Ali was imprisoned for 10 years for murdering his pregnant wife – a crime he didn't commit.

Orhan is very affluent, with ancestry that traces to the Ottoman Empire. He belongs to his family's blood and origin. Orhan illegally adopted his son Murat, but has convinced himself that Murat is his own genetic son.

And Nisan… She is a young woman from an upper-crust family. She has never fallen in true love; she was always forced to live in a gilded cage. She gave all her energy and love to her only son.

A passionate love develops between Ali's sister, Güneş, whose only aim in life is to free her brother from jail, and Mehmet, who is the youngest but rebellious son of the Ottoman Empire.

They all struggle to live their own lives, but they face the same pressures and problems as their ancestors – a social standing that keeps them distanced from the world.

Family pressures, class conflicts, irrepressible love...

These people's lives cross in a very strange way. Even if they wanted, they could never break their connection.