Love and Punishment

Drama Series
113 X 1 Commercial Hour
Weekly, Primetime
Yasemin works at an advertising agency. One week before their wedding, she catches her fiancé in bed with her close friend. Yasemin's fiancé blames her because of her choice stay a virgin until marriage. He knew her reason for this, which angers Yasemin even more. After her sister died during an abortion, Yasemin had made a promise to her father to not have sex before marriage.

Yasemin is shaken by this betrayal, and goes to Bodrum. In rebellion, she has sex with Savaş, who is the first man she sees at a bar. She regrets this and leaves immediately, leaving Savaş behind with a lot of questions

Although Yasemin thinks Savaş is a bartender, he is actually the son of one of the richest families in Van and he lives in Italy. Savaş has returned to Turkey for his brother's wedding to Çiçek, who he is marrying in order to finish a feud between the two families. After the wedding, Savaş loses his father and brother in traffic accident. Now, it is time for Savaş to take the head of his family's shady business, which he had always stayed away from. What is more, according to his family's traditions, Savaş has to marry his brother's wife, despite his objections.