Love Cafe

Dating Show
Daily, Access Prime Time
Love Café” is a romantic TV meeting place where 8 women who want to get married have the chance to meet the man of their dreams! The women are first watched by their possible suitors, who will then invite the lady they like for a one-on-one meeting at “Love Cafe.” If the lady accepts, the doors to the cafe will open and they will have a date together.  They can drink coffee, play their favorite songs on the Jukebox, all while being watched by the other contestants. If the woman likes her suitor, she will give him a heart with her name on that allows him to stay in the show. Every week, all the women must vote off one of the other women. Whoever is eliminated must take her suitor with her and leave the show. A new woman will join. As jealousies and rivalries develop, so will true love!