Love in a Different Language

Romantic Drama
98 Minutes
Zeynep meets Onur at a party one evening. She works at a call center and has been listening to customer complaints all day. Onur has a dull job in a library, even though he is a talented graphic designer. When they first meet, the attraction is mutual. However, Onur is a deaf-mute. Despite the challenges, Zeynep thinks he is the one for her and their love blossoms.

Although there are big communication problems, Onur and Zeynep move in together. They are strongly criticized by their family and friends but they stand together and defend their love. Soon, Onur's hearing disability leads to many misunderstandings. Chaos and aggression start. Zeynep's asks herself if she can really build her life with a disabled partner? Meanwhile Onur has his own fears of being abandoned. Zeynep starts to secretly learn sign language while Onur forces himself to talk. Will this be enough for them to succeed? Can they get along together without speech?