Miss Perfect

Dating Show
Daily, Access Prime Time
Miss Perfect” is a dating show where four women go on separate dates with the same bachelor during the week and he chooses his favorite on Friday. First, expert matchmakers select the ladies and match them to compatible men. The chosen four will prepare for their dates, one each day. The date will take place at their home; so they must prepare and organize the whole evening to perfection. Along with them is someone very close to the bachelor, such as his mother, best friend or family member. During the date, the couple must answer questions provided by the production team, tough and funny questions that open the conversations up. In the meanwhile, the three other women will be in another room in the house, watch them through the big screen and make comments on everything they see. Friday night is the big night: it is now the bachelor and his relative who will host the evening. The final choice lies with the bachelor who is carrying three roses and a heart. He will give a rose to each lady, but the heart goes to his favorite.