More Than Love

368 X 1 Commercial Hour
Daily, Prime Time / Access Prime Time
Two lovers on opposite sides of law… More than love is the struggle of Clara, a young woman facing the law. Francisca especially envied half-sister Laura (Clara’s mother) and wants to grab a hold of her fortune and her life. She will have her sister killed, marry her husband Eduardo and adopt her younger children Marta and Daniela. The next step; kill him and keep the family’s wealthy. Oldest child Clara finds out her plan and tells everyone. No one believes her and her father kicks her out of home.

At the same time, Clara is forced to work for the criminal to protect his brother Afonso. She turns away from her family and puts an end to her relationship with Manel, the man she loves.

Clara and Manel will never lose the feelings they have for each other but it’s too late for both, as they are on opposite side of law. Clara now has a criminal record and Manel is a police investigator, who now has turned into Francisca’s obsession. Clara will fight against cruel Francisca, to clear her name, protect her siblings and win back her love Manel…