My Destiny

Drama Series
28 X 1 Commercial Hour
Weekly, Prime Time
Star TV
Serçe is a widow and living with her two sons and a sister in a slum area between skyscrapers near Bosphorus. She still mourns for her dead husband, Ramazan, after two years of his death. However, upon learning that her own husband had a mistress and a child while helping her best friend, Aliye, chasing her husband; Serçe’s whole world turns upside down. She decides to marry an old man but gives up since the man does not want her children. After hearing this marriage issue, Serçe’s mother in law, Safiye, gets angry and puts Serçe’s house up for sale which she owns. Serçe decides to buy the house and begins to work in a food company to pay. In the meantime, Serçe’s first love Kadir comes back and tries to get close her. However, she is tired of living since she has been cheated by the ones she trusted and loved most, all through her life. One day, she throws all the reminiscences of her husband, burns them and swears before her neighbours coming to watch her: From now on, she will live, work and look after her children only by trusting herself.