My Life is a Scenario

Weekly, Prime Time
Each participant will be assigned a different character, role and lifestyle, and will have to perform in a real-life situation accordingly. The shows’ evaluation of the contestants’ performances will be based on improvisation and acting skills, and coherence with the character description. The contestants will initially be selected through a casting process that will focus on individual singularities and performance skills. They will live together in a specific and unique space, and their task will be to entirely follow the new character’s trait that is assigned to them, while completing the tasks they are given. Prior to the final tests, all contestants will rehearse their roles in real life. This would include changing their personalities, their habits and their looks, according to the role they are assigned. The program will have a weekly live show, which will include pre- recorded content such as a candid camera situation where they interact with real people, and live interviews with the contestants.