Perfect Groom

20 X 1 Commercial Hour
Weekly, Prime Time
Star TV
Melike is the daughter of a Turkish family living in Germany. She lied to her family to persuade them to live in Istanbul on her own. Melike’s family thinks that their daughter is an awarded journalist, lives in a perfect house in Istanbul and is soon going to be married to her fiance Mehmet who is a famous and successful doctor. In reality, she’s in the hunger threshold, working for the minimum wage and writing about astrology in a magazine instead of writing important news. What’s even worse is that, Melike’s family thinks that the plastic surgeon Mehmet is Melike’s fiance whereas he’s engaged with his boss, not with Melike.

One day, Melike gets the chance to write about her dream news but the news has something to do with Mehmet. So their love game starts with blackmail and lies.

What kind of a life is awaiting Melike after the truth reveals itself?