Reality Entertainment

My Green Neighbours
To bin or not to bin? That’s the question in «My Green Neighbours», a new social experiment where a community of homeowners will be put to the ultimate “trash test”.
An old and rich widow is at a turning point in her life; she has realized that she has no heir... And she has made the biggest decision of her life, she wants to give a part of her legacy to a complete stranger!
My Life is a Scenario
‘‘My Life Is a Scenario’’ is a brand-new format that combines reality, talent competition and comedy where ordinary people aspiring to be comedians showcase their talents to the world. And they do it while living in the same house!
Mom, Dad… Please Don’t Wear That!
It’s a fun Lifestyle Reality where the younger generation will help the older generation to look better.
Real Estate Kings
“Real Estate Kings” is a brand new competition in which 5 contestants from the same area compete to impress the boss of a real estate agency and get the job of their dreams!
The Truth Detector
8 children take part in this studio show. First the tiny guests are introduced and video clips show their full personalities at home.