Reality Entertainment

An old and rich widow is at a turning point in her life; she has realized that she has no heir... And she has made the biggest decision of her life, she wants to give a part of her legacy to a complete stranger!
Looking for My Mother
“Looking for My Mother” is a reality show based on real life stories, created with meticulous investigative journalism.
My Life is a Scenario
My Life is a Scenario is an improv comedian talent show. The program will put the contestants into different real-life acting challenges in order to find out who the best and funniest is.
Mom, Dad… Please Don’t Wear That!
It’s a fun Lifestyle Reality where the younger generation will help the older generation to look better.
Real Estate Kings
“Real Estate Kings” is a brand new competition in which 5 contestants from the same area compete to impress the boss of a real estate agency and get the job of their dreams!
The Truth Detector
8 children take part in this studio show. First the tiny guests are introduced and video clips show their full personalities at home.