Silent Storm

Drama Series
38 Episodes, 1 Commercial Hour
Kanal D
Weekly, Prime Time
Sükrü Sancaktar is the owner of Sinus Holding. Sinus Holding owns many businesses, including shipyards, transportation companies and tourism firms. Apart from these legal businesses, Sükrü is also an important mafia boss, smuggling guns.

Sükrü's son, Yigit, is very well educated and has gone to very good universities. He is a new-generation business man.

Deniz Soykan is the Financial Manager at Sinus Holding, as well as his right-hand woman. Deniz and Yigit start to become closer to each other. Deniz is a very beautiful and smart young woman. She attracts Yigit's attention quickly, but Deniz does not return his love at first. In the end, this does not prevent them from falling in love.

Sükrü's cousin, Izzet, was raised by Sükrü. Izzet gets tired of living in Sükrü's shadow and is plotting against the family.

The Crime Investigation Force follows Sükrü closely through the use of high-tech equipment. They know about his gun smuggling business, and they are planning a big operation. If they manage to catch Sükrü, the crime organization could collapse.