Soon To Be A Star

Acting Talent Show
Weekly, Prime Time
This country-wide talent selection competition starts with a series of 3 minute auditions in 6 major cities to choose a pool of 100 talented actors and actresses. A panel of three judges will then bring the numbers down to 26 candidates who will enter the main competition. For the next three months, the competitors will perform in pairs that get rotated every week. The show is hosted and there is a guest judge. A theme is set, and short scenarios written for that theme every week, like sit-coms. The competitors spend the week memorizing, preparing, rehearsing and performing on Saturday. After their live performances, the audience votes, and the 3 judges must decide which couple should leave the competition. As more couples are eliminated, the remaining performers get more time for their scenarios. Finally, there will be 3 couples left in the last show and the best will be selected by public vote.