The Remix
The Remix is a live music reality show where DJs and Singers pair up and compete over 15 weeks for a big money prize and the chance to cut their own album with a famous music label. 8 pairs are made of a famous singer and a DJ, with a supporting music producer.
Sounds of the Nation
Sounds of the Nation is the new feel good, uplifting and enriching singing talent format of the screen, where customs and folklore unify generations of audiences together!
Open Call
When you are born with star quality, you have it anytime and anywhere! You think you’ve got it?
Music Masters
Eight super talented contestants are challenged to keep their spots in the 13 week long contest for as long as they can! Who can remain until the end and who will beat them all to become the Music Master?
Bring Your Fame Back
Have you ever wondered what happened to your favorite singer who was so famous and then just disappeared? Where are they now? And what would happen if we gave them another chance to Bring Their Fame Back?
The Legend
On most TV talent shows, it's the jury that decides whether a contestant continues, it's the audience that can change their fate.
Beat Me If You Can
“Beat Me If You Can” is a primetime show that combines singing talent format and game show elements. Each week 10 contestants take place in the show, with a jury of 2 celebrity singers. The audience will watch 9 duet performances.
It’s Showtime
This lively entertainment talent show is a daily strip format. The 5 contestants will judge each other during the course of the week.
Keep Your Light Shining
They say you should never hide your talent in the dark, and it’s especially true in this unique new singing talent show!
Stairway To Fame
Stairway To Fame is a studio based, 14 weeks long marathon to find the next big vocal star of the country.
Is That Really Your Voice
In this fantastic new entertainment show, we turn the traditional studio format on its head because the judges have to make their selections based on looks alone!
Stand By Me
Stand By Me is a hot new duet project where the celebrity jury members are also contestants!
Bring'em Back
Bring’em Back is a striking new singing competition that focuses on contestants’ sheer vocal talent.
Talent Hunters
The next big thing in talent shows has arrived!