The Big Challenge

Adventure Format
12 Contestants
Strip With Weekly Prime Time Elimination
Twelve contestants are told to pack their bags and they are taken to an airport where their destination is revealed. On arrival, they are greeted by the show's host and divided into two groups of six contes tants. Each group is given just $100 for the entire group. Then they are free to go anywhere in the country. Their objective is to earn money however they can by any legal means. They must decide on an earning strategy every week, choose a group leader, help each other find work, earn money with their skills and talents, make friends, accept free food, lodging, and use any means they can to earn and save what they have accumulated.

The two groups go in separate directions with their elected leader, and at the end of the week they must return to the studio where their money is counted and weekly eliminations begin. The group with the least amount of money must eliminate one of their members through an open vote. The group with the most money will be awarded that week's prize, such as a night in a luxury hotel, a spa, a gift for the house they are staying at, and similar incentives.

When only four people are left, the groups are dissolved and we move into a phase of individual competition. The last four contes tants are stripped of all their money and given just $50 to start up with again. They go their own ways, and the one with the least money at the end of the week is eliminated.

When there are just two people left, the finalists' money is taken away from them again, but this time they are left with exactly zero. They are also banned from working in their original profession and must compete without using these skills. The winner walks off with $1 million!