The Deep

8 X 1 Commercial Hour
Weekly, Prime Time
Puhu TV
After his wife’s suicide, Sahir dedicates himself to suicide prevention and helps people on the verge of suicide to persuade them to cling to life. He is willing to fight for people to survive as long as he lives. All those desperate people ready to jump off the bridge or put a bullet through their heads will have to go through Sahir before making a final decision.

After his wife takes her own life, Sahir starts a brand-new life with a new identity. There are only a few people who knows he has worked for the deep state. Ali Kemal is one of them.

While trying to adapt to his new life, Sahir’s routine life changes with a call coming from Ekin’s phone about a suicide attempt. The mysterious person calling gives an address and when Sahir gets there, he sees a woman who is about to jump off the bridge. When armed men following this woman opens fire, Sahir and the woman jump off the bridge, together.

The mysterious woman named Bilge was indeed not on the bridge to jump and end her life. A couple of hours ago, she had met with her old school mate Emre, who had hidden his identity. From Emre she had learned that her father, whom she believed was dead, was indeed alive. When the men following her opens fire inside the cafe she and Emre were in, she escapes. In an effort to escape the men following her, she finds herself on the bridge and her path crosses Sahir’s. After they jump together, Bilge runs away, leaving no trail. However, it doesn’t take Sahir long to find out who she is.

At day time, Bilge is a physics teacher at a private high school and at night she is a hacker who blackmails big corporations by uncovering their security flaws. Her demand is that they deposit large amounts of money to charity foundations. Her partner in crime is Uygar, a college student diagnosed with Asperger’s. As days pass, new calls informing about imminent suicide attempts comes to Sahir from Ekin’s phone. The same way, Bilge receives calls from his murdered friend Emre’s phone. The two constantly end up meeting after receiving these mysterious calls.