The Girl I Loved

Drama Series
79 X 1 Commercial Hour
Kanal D, Star TV / HD
Weekly, Prime Time
"The Girl I Loved" is a family drama that questions how prejudices, taboos and social pressure can affect human life. Even families with unconditional love for each other can make ruthless decisions as a result of pressure to follow social norms. It shows how parents, while trying to protect their children, can make their own lives hell. Family relationships are questioned over and over again.

Mine is the youngest daughter of a family living in one of Istanbul's middle-class neighborhoods. Sinan is the only son of a wealthy family. Whatever he wanted, he always received. He has graduated from university and is preparing to go abroad to do his master's degree. Sinan and Mine are passionately in love, despite their different family structures and social environments. They have promised to love each other forever and never break up.

Mine's father, Turan, loves his wife and his three children, but he is also strongly linked to his values. His pride always comes before anything else. That is why his world collapses when he hears about his daughter's life. Turan is the manager of Timur's autobody shop. Timur managed to buy the business at a very early age. Timur's employees and his 13-year-old daughter keep a distance from Timur because of his unpredictable behavior.

When Sinan and Mine's brave love reaches a point beyond their families' control, it turns into a nightmare for everyone.