The Island

Drama Series
26 X 1 Commercial Hour
Mega TV / HD
Across from Plaka, a beautiful village in Eastern Crete, lies the island of Spinalonga. For centuries it was a Venetian fortress, but later became a leper colony, a place of compulsory exile. Moving from present day London to Greece in 1939, "The Island" plunges us into the gripping stories of the Petrakis family.

Alexis is a young woman in search of answers to her past. When she leaves London to visit Plaka, she discovers that three generations of women from her family were haunted by their connection to Spinalonga. The first is Eleni Petrakis, a strong and generous teacher who is banished to Spinalonga when she contracts leprosy. She is forced to leave her husband Giorgis, who then has to bring up their young daughters, Maria and Anna, alone. The three of them continue to live in Plaka in the shadow of Spinalonga. Maria is sensitive and dutiful, looking after her father and the household until she learns that she too has contracted the disease and has to go to the island. The beautiful Anna defies rules and boundaries. She rejects her humble origins and marries into one of Crete's most wealthy and patrician families, causing turmoil and tragedy with her affair. Meanwhile, the island's quiet but indomitable doctor, Kyritsis, fights to save lives and searches for a cure amongst the courageous, spirited people who live on Spinalonga. Alexis finally discovers why her mother, Sophia, never made peace with her family secrets and started life anew, far from the land that caused her so much pain.