The Rich Poor

Reality, Social Experiment
Weekly, Prime Time
Successful business men/business women become participants in an unusual and complex experiment - they will be deprived of their money, gadgets, guards, assistants and expensive cars for exactly two days in an unfamiliar city with a single task: they have to survive on their own! Thus, they need to find a legit job, a place to spend the night and have food to eat.

At the start, the business man/woman leaves all the attributes of wealth behind, dress up with “new” clothes and be taken to another city that he is not familiar with. He/she will be only be given a bottle of water, a travel ticket for public transport, an old mobile phone and several SOS envelopes. The SOS envelops contain emergency support in case he/she is in misery – but of course, opening them will mean admitting to failure...

Upon arriving to town, he/she will have to find a job in order to earn money for food and shelter. In the course of the attempt to survive, he/she might also receive free benefits such as food or shelter from new people.  It is in fact these people that they have to remember and return the favor after the experiment: he will go back to the kind people who helped him in his moment of need and help them in return.