The Season Of Rain

Drama Series
114 X 1 Commercial Hour
2 Seasons
Show TV
Weekly, Prime Time
Fırat is a part owner of one of the most popular nightclubs in Istanbul. He doesn't have any money problems. He lives in a wonderful house, he drives a nice car, and he tries to look after his four children by himself. He is very handsome and attractive, but also very aggressive. His biggest problem in life is Naz, his five-year-old daughter.

Eylül grew up in an orphanage. She spent her life working, and has never met her family. She has hidden her sadness very well, and unlike Fırat, she is very quiet and optimistic.

Fırat is searching for a new nanny for his youngest daughter. This is a great opportunity for Eylül!

Little Naz has gotten rid of many nannies. How can Eylül endure Naz's behavior and their strange and rich life?

In addition, the only person who stays close to Fırat is the beautiful and sophisticated Aslı. Everything is ready for them to develop their relationships one step further. She seems to be a perfect match for him and to be a mother for his children. This is why she is suspicious of all the women close to Fırat.

Who knows? Even Eylül...