Treasure of Life

10 X 1 Commercial Hour
Weekly, Prime Time
Show TV
Kudret Fettah, a very powerful and remorseless man who did not approve of his daughter’s indiscreet affair gives a kill order for his daughter Neslihan and her lover. The lovers die in a so-called traffic accident leaving their baby Ferah behind. Kudret also gives a kill order. His man Mehmet’s conscience prevents him from killing the baby, so he puts her in an orphanage, instead. He tells Kudret that the job is handled, and the baby is dead. All this happened 20 years ago. The truth finally comes out years later when Mehmet leaves a letter for Kudret before he dies confessing that his granddaughter Ferah is still alive. This letter awakens Kudret’s conscience and he asks Can, his right-hand man whom he regards as a son to find a young woman. Kudret refrains from telling Can that the young woman is in fact his granddaughter.

Can and Ferah’s paths eventually cross, but Can doesn’t realize at the beginning that Ferah is the young woman he’s looking for. As time passes, Ferah starts falling in love with Can. Can has feelings for Ferah, too. But there is a problem; Can is engaged to Kudret’s daughter Hande.

Before Kudret dies, he asks his lawyers to prepare his will and gives the will to Can. He instructs Can not to open his will until he dies. With this latest will, Kudret leaves all his wealth to Ferah. But, Kudret’s greedy son, Yener (Ferah’s uncle) who wants all his father’s inheritance to himself, reads the will and decides to find Ferah and kill her before anyone else finds her.