Treasure of Life

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This will must change before your father dies

After growing up in an orphanage, Ferah is plunged into a world of greed when her guilt-ridden grandfather decides to share his fortune with her and only her lover Can protects her from the family’s hostility.

Abandoned to grow up alone after a dark tragedy, Ferah finds herself drawn into a world of immense wealth when she finds love with Can. They are both caught up in a battle for money and power in which people are prepared to kill for their heart’s desire.

Growing up in an orphanage, Ferah does not realize she is from a family with more wealth than she could ever imagine. Her powerful grandfather Kudret Fettah had ordered the killing of Ferah’s mother and her lover in a staged car accident because he did not approve of their relationship.

Kudret had also wanted their baby Ferah murdered, but his henchman Mehmet’s conscience did not allow him to kill her. He puts her in an orphanage instead, telling his boss that the baby is dead. The family’s destiny is changed when Kudret finds out the truth.

Like Ferah, Can grows up without his parents and is taken under the wing of Kudret, owner of Fettah Holding and one of Turkey’s richest businessmen. At the age of 29, Can has great wealth and power and controls the whole family.

Twenty years on from the crash, the truth emerges in a letter from Mehmet to Kudret, revealing Ferah is still alive. Struck by a guilty conscience, he orders Can to find the young woman and give her a share of the family wealth. But he conceals from Can the true identity of Ferah.

When he sets out to find Ferah, Can does not realize this journey is a test for both him and the young woman. They find themselves in the middle of a vicious fight for wealth that unleashes rivalries, resentment and all the evil that people are prepared to do for the sake of money.

Kudret’s wife and his son Yener seek to open the vault in which he has hidden his secretly prepared will. The son will prove to his mother the value of the land which his father is giving to a grandchild whose name he does not know. Can will go to all lengths to protect Ferah.

When they first meet, Can is unaware who Ferah is and they begin to fall in love. But there is a huge obstacle in their way. Can is engaged to Kudret’s daughter. Can finds himself caught between new-found love for Ferah and his fiancée, torn between fidelity and passionate love.

While the hearts of Ferah and Can beat with love, they are surrounded by murderous greed. Ferah’s uncle Yener is prepared to kill to prevent her getting the fortune which Kudret has left her in his will. The two lovers are engaged in life-or-death struggle. Will the treasure of life triumph over greed?