What the F*ck!

Prank Show
Weekly, Prime Time
What The F*ck? is the ultimate prank show to test the patience of your loved ones, laugh a little and earn money together at the same time!

The applicants who wish to play a prank on their friend, significant other, family member or any other person they wish to get pranked sends their application to the program. The production team then meets them and get to know about their candidate: what do they fear most? What are their favorite things in life? How is their love life?

The production team then prepares a suitable scenario for each case at a chosen café, with all the cameras and technical equipment set – all hidden from the eyes of the target. The café crew is also ready: the waiters, customers, valet parking and even the cook are all trained actors and actresses who are part of the prank. The hosts communicate with the team by in-air headsets and they guide them through the program: they set up 5 levels, each with increasing difficulty that raises the tension.

Unaware of all the setup behind the scenes, the target is faced with unexpected situations that are prepared beforehand by the prankster team. In fact the target and the applicant keep earning cash prizes as long as the target overcomes the obstacles and tasks assigned by the prankster team!