Will for Revenge

300 X 1 Commercial Hour
Daily, Prime Time / Access Prime Time
Three women, driven by different reasons, end up joining in a crusade to get revenge out of the same man. Marina Nogueira, 55, business woman, leader of the company “Chão de Portugal” and Jose Maria Sousa E Ataide, 56, sports manager, decided to get engaged. At first the romance is kept in secrecy except from Amelia Henriques, 38, Marina’s new assistant, that has, herself also a strong reason to get revenge from José Maria.

When Marina decides to introduce Jose Maria to her friends and family, she faces a strong opposition from her only daughter, Luisa Nogueira, 28, that doesn’t understand how could her mother find love again so shortly after her father’s death 2 years ago. Together with Luísa and Amélia, another woman Jacinta Lourenco, 48, Marina’s friend, also has a strong resentment against Jose Maria, hidden in her past.

The 3 are determined to destroy José Maria… These will be the leading women pursuing their Will for Revenge.