Winter Sun

316 X 1 Commercial Hour
Daily, Prime Time / Access Prime Time
"Winter Sun” is a story of betrayal and revenge. The struggle for power. The building and collapse of an empire. Sofia Ferreira Bivar (51) and her husband, Álvaro Bivar, are partners of Laura Teles De Aragado (53) and her husband Francisco in a company that owns BOHEME – brand of shoes.

This partnership ends when Sofia and her husband are accused of laundering money from the company and are force to run away from the country to escape prison.

On the other hand, Laura’s husband Francisco had a water skiing accident and he is declared brain dead. Soon after, Laura has access to his e-mail to discover several e-mails sent to Sofia, where Francisco confesses his attraction towards her. Laura concludes that they were having an affair behind her back. The truth is Sofia has never fallen into Francisco’s attempts. Blinded by jealousy and rage, Laura ruins Sofia’s life.

Sofia and Álvaro are force to run away to Mozambique and to stay there indefinitely. Only Álvaro cannot handle the pressure of seeing his life slipped away and ends up committing suicide. Sofia’s fall to hell is complete, and then comes the anger.