You Are The Woman of My Life

88 Minutes
Asuman Karaca ( Türkan Şoray) is a former singer, who enjoyed fame on the radio and on stage in the 1980s. She enthralled men of those days more with her legendary beauty than her melancholic voice. Since abandoning stage performance, she has gotten married and is leading an unremarkable life with her husband in an old, two-story building in Istanbul. Just after getting married, Asuman learned of her husband's drinking and gambling habits, and as years go by, she has come to look the other way while her husband leads a separate nightlife away from home.

Asuman's daughter born from her first marriage, Ahu, has left home barely out of her teens, and is living with her boyfriend in a hotel room, Ahu dreams of having an album and becoming a famous singer, and she never sees her mother unless she is required. Asuman is not content with the state of her life.

Then, one day Tophaneli Tayfur (Tayfur of Tophane)(Uğur Yücel) moves in as a tenant upstairs, and Asuman's life takes a complete and colorful turn.

With the help of Tayfur, Asuman will cultivate her relationship with her daughter, figure out the really important things in her life, evoke blissful memories from her past and begin to embrace life with a passion. Tayfur will cleanse all the filth from the lives of Asuman and her daughter, and lead them to a happy and peaceful life.

"You Are The Woman of My Life" is a movie depicting the glorious and inexorable love story of Asuman and Tayfur.