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Global Agency's New Hit "Blind Duets" is Picked Up By TF1

France’s leading commercial TV channel TF1 is continuing its collaboration with Global Agency on its new hit “Blind Duets”. The format has also been selected for Fresh TV and has created a big buzz on the first day of MIPCOM.

The innovative “Blind Duets”, which was created by Gila Kantar and Izzet Pinto, brings four celebrity singers in the jury together to perform with 12 contestants in a primetime game show filled with surprises, talent, and entertaining rivalry between the star performers.

This ground-breaking, primetime contest features key elements of surprise, all set in a dazzling studio. The identities of the contestants, hidden in cabinets in a dazzling studio, are only revealed when a jury member chooses them, and each one emerges to perform on stage with the celebrity. Each jury member sings three songs with the contestants and the highest-scoring celebrity summons their partners to perform as a trio to decide the overall winner. The excitement and tension create a show in which viewers enjoy not just the singing but also the rivalry between the jury members.

Izzet Pinto, CEO of Global Agency, said “I’m very happy to be partnering again with TF1, which is the leading channel of Europe and one of the best channels in world. Their production quality is amazing and I can’t wait to see the French version of “Blind Duets”. I think this show will see great demand worldwide.”

Julien DEGROOTE, Head of Content Development of TF1 Group, said “Once again, we are thrilled to team up with Global Agency. Every year, they bring fresh ideas to the market perfectly tailored for our TF1 shiny floor prime time slots. After two successful seasons of Good Singers on TF1 and along new episodes to come, so great to work on a new pure co-viewing entertainment for all the family where celebrities and contestants will have fun together on stage.