Against All Odds

Drama Series
20 x 1 Commercial Hour
Weekly, Prime Time
Cetin and Ipek have been married for a long time and have known each other since childhood.

While Cetin is quite traditional, Ipek is a modern city girl and their love is one of opposites. After their marriage, they move into Cetin’s family home but problems with the mother-in-law arise. Ipek is unhappy and wants to escape the constant criticism. They move, but a quarrel over money brings them to the brink of divorce. The judge postpones the case for 8 months realizing they still love each other. Meanwhile, their problems are exaggerated because both of them are working in the same city police force and are frequently sent out together to solve crimes. When Ipek’s first love is appointed to the Fraud Department where they both work, Cetin is very uncomfortable and the spotlight is thrown on their long-standing relationship. Will they be able to solve the problems of their own marriage?