Babysitter Celebrity Undercover


AAAAHHH kids, overflowing with energy, all year long, they make all the colors to their parents... Tut some parents are sometimes even more players than their children.

Babysitter Celebrity Undercover, it’s the opportunity for these parents to take their revenge... They will finally be able to trap their own children.

The mission of these Babysitters for a day : stay undercover for a whole day by keeping children whose idols they are.

Celebrities accept a big challenge : to transform themselves to play undercover Babysitters !

The ruse is simple. Parents are going to leave the house for an entire day (better if it’s on week-end) and call a baby-sitter.

Weeks before the shooting, the children were witness their parents searching this new baby sitter so he/she doesn’t arrive unannounced.

The presence of the cameras will be justified by the shooting of a documentary about « children and games », for which the children will have been cast a few weeks earlier. Children will think that they are the subject of the documentary and so, not the babysitter.

A first day of shooting, to film the portraits, will have confirmed them in the idea that they are really the subject of the documentary. Then, during the week and in front of their kids, the parents will call the production to ask them if the filming planned on Saturday is possible if they leave children with a babysitter because they have to leave the house… which will obviously be accepted.

During all the shooting day, the children will be supervised by a star they know, but that they won’t recognize. The celebrity would have been physically transformed in advance to best embody the babysitter role. The baby-sitter characters will be made fit the best to the artist (pace, personality, fake accent...).

It is thanks to an exceptional device that our traps have been put in place. In a specially arranged car-lodge located not far from the shooting location, each of our 3 Celebrities will be taken in hand by our makeover team.

Because to become totally undercover in the eyes of children, the transformation must be radical.