Blind Duets

Singing Talent Show
Weekly, Prime Time

The innovative “Blind Duets” brings four celebrity singers in the jury together to perform with 12 contestants in a primetime game show filled with surprises, talent, and entertaining rivalry between the star performers.

The contestants, hidden away in 12 numbered cabinets, are only visible as silhouettes to create a sense of mystery.

Before the performances, the contestants of the week are introduced to the jury and viewers by VTRs. Without revealing their identity, they sing 10 seconds of their chosen part of the show’s song to give the jury a sense of what they are like as performers. But every one of them is hidden in their cabinets, so the jury doesn’t know who is who.

Each jury member then chooses a silhouette contestant to join them in a duet by pushing one of 12 numbered buttons on a panel in front of them.

One by one, each member of the jury chooses a song and gambles on one of the mystery candidates. As soon as their number is called, the orchestra begins playing and the contestant reveals themself and goes to the stage, ready to join the jury member and belt out a duet! Each song is scored by the audience.

As the contestants hope to make their music dreams come true, the jury is competing among themselves to select the three best singers for their team.

The jury member whose team of three mystery singers has the highest score has one more chance to impress: together their team will sing a trio and, based on their performances, the audience will vote. The performer with the highest score is that week’s champion and wins a cash prize.

“Blind Duets” stands out from other singing contests by tapping into the talent of its jury members as performers. The interaction between the four celebrities brings added excitement and tension to a show in which viewers enjoy not just the singing but also the rivalry between the jury members.