Dear Family

122 X 1 Commercial Hour
2 Seasons
Weekly, Prime Time

You’ll take care of these kids from now on

When his sister dies, carefree Samim must take responsibility for her three children and make up with the woman he deserted on their wedding day 20 years earlier as he adjusts to family life.

Samim’s carefree life on cruise ships comes to an end when he learns on the way to the Caribbean that his sister and brother-in-law died in a car crash. After years travelling the world as a cruise waiter, the unmarried 45-year-old must take the sort of responsibility he has avoided all his life.

Firstly, he must pay off the huge gambling debts he has racked up to people on the cruise. His best friend Ali, who also works on the ship, steps in and helps him out. Not wanting to leave Samim alone, the two of them leave their jobs and return to Istanbul to attend his sister’s funeral.

When Samim arrives in Istanbul, his sister’s house is full of her friends, but when they leave he realizes that he is alone with her three children. Seeking a way out, he tries and fails to persuade his brother-in-law’s brother to come over from Germany and help.

Samim’s life changes dramatically as he becomes the children’s guardian. He must look after rebellious 17-year-old Yiğit, 16-year-old math genius Eda and daydreamer Mertcan, 6. Samim finds an old house for them in the Emirgan neighborhood. Ali comes to live with them too as he seeks his missing fiancé Ahsen.

Samim discovers by amazing coincidence that his neighbor is Meliha, whom he deserted on their wedding day 20 years earlier. Dedicated to her family, she never got married and lives with her two sisters Feride and Seyhan just across the street.

The life of the entire neighborhood changes with the arrival of Samim. Meliha starts to open up to all the emotions she has hidden for so many years. Having lost all her faith in men, her only goal in life is to protect her sisters and see them get married to good people.

Meliha is happy that her sister Seyhan is engaged to Halim, who is from Adana and owns a small restaurant. But her biggest nightmare happens when Ali shows up at the house and Seyhan starts to fall in love with him. Meliha wants to rescue her other sister Feride from the handsome Kenan, who continually postpones their marriage. Just when Feride loses hope in him, they are reunited.

Brought together with the family in tragedy, Samim discovers that along with the sorrow and anger comes also laughter and happiness as people pull together in family solidarity.

As Samim adjusts to a settled, family life in Istanbul he will find out if Meliha can forgive him and make a fresh start. Yiğit, Eda and Mertcan must also try and cope with life without their mother, while Ali seeks his missing fiancée. Together they seek to create a ‘home, sweet home’.