22 Oct 2019

The showcase event was held at Palais des Festival on Wednesday, October 16th and hosted over 100 select companies from almost 40 countries. Can Yaman gave interviews with leading TV industry magazines before the event. The participants showed strong interest in him.

The event was one of the most talked about attractions of Mipcom 2019. Mediaset Spain connected to the event with a live broadcast.
Can Yaman who is the leading actor in the hit Turkish romcom series “Daydreamer” and “Bitter Sweet”; has been voted TV’s Top Leading Man 2019 by the E! News website a short time ago.  
After first hitting screens in the summer of 2018, the romantic drama “Daydreamer” has quickly become a hit, doubling its channel’s average market share. That success is now feeding through into international markets. After previous deals in Spain, Lithuania, Croatia, Albania, Israel Ukraine, Iraq, and Bulgaria, Global Agency has signed new agreements for its sale in Greece, Poland, India, Czech Republic in recent months. Bitter Sweet has also achieved great success and has been sold to 36 countries.  Both of his series has huge success in Europe and CEE region.

Can Yaman / Quotation:
With Daydreamer’s finale having been screened in Turkey, for some time I have been taking part in different events in various countries. I have been met with a very warm response in the countries to which I have been invited. Mipcom is a very important fair for the sector. It was a source of great pride to have the experience of taking part in such an important platform with two separate images and two separate projects of mine. For me one of the special aspects of the market was that for the first time a poster was prepared for an actor, independent from the special projects. It was also a special moment for me that my fans waited patiently for me in front of the poster. Separately, while I was at the fair I gave interviews to the media of more than 10 countries. While I was giving the interviews, one of the nice surprises was that our colleagues from the press had closely followed the work I have done. Indeed, despite our series still not having been screened in some countries, it was really nice that there was such great interest and shows of affection. To be honest, it is a powerful motivation for me that the projects in which I am involved have been sold to so many countries and have attracted so much interest on the channels on which they have been screened.

About Daydreamer:
A fun-loving daydreamer sets off on a tumultuous journey of romantic adventure, leaving behind her father’s grocery store to tame the wild heart of a world-famous photographer and teach them both about love.

Sanem and Can are two independent souls, with contrasting experiences of life, who discover love and one another in the heart of Istanbul. From her quiet district by the seaside, she is plunged into a chaotic world of corporate intrigue and deception in the city. There she finds the worldly-wise Can, reluctantly drawn back from his travels to his father’s company. Together they launch on a rollercoaster ride of romance filled with fun, jealousy and adventure.
About Bitter Sweet
When she finds work with businessman Ferit, budding chef Nazlı sets herself on a path to fulfill her dream, fighting through jealousy, rivalries and stubbornness to open a restaurant and find love.

Nazlı embarks on a journey to make her dreams come true when she finds work cooking for mysterious businessman Ferit. After they finally meet, they must break down walls of mistrust before love reveals itself. Battling through personality clashes and romantic tensions, they face a rival seeking to destroy Ferit and a friend with eyes for Nazlı. If she is to fulfill her dream and open a restaurant, she must overcome these challenges for a happy ending with Ferit.