Grand Bazaar

Drama Series
70 Episodes, 1 Commercial Hour
Weekly, Prime time

Every man would love for you to be their trouble

Three friends working in Istanbul’s magical Grand Bazaar recruit the beautiful Diyar and thief Zeze to their plan to create a unique carpet that will make their dreams come true.

In Istanbul’s magical Grand Bazaar, Cemal, Mahmut and Arda are three friends with little money but great ambitions. With the help of a young thief and a beautiful carpet maker, they set out to get rich and make their dreams come true. By doing so, they will solve the financial problems of their boss Ziya.

One day, the three friends cross paths with the pretty Diyar. She is a teacher in a carpet workshop and the most beautiful girl in her small town near Istanbul. She runs away from home to escape an arranged marriage with a sausage seller and to find adventure in the big city.

Her opportunity comes when she makes a deal with Cemal to weave a special carpet with the help of a street thief named Zeze. Her slender fingers are perfect for the weaving job. Their aim is to create the world's thinnest carpet and make a name for themselves.

In Cemal, Diyar finds a young man who is strong and courageous. Orphaned at a young age, Cemal has learned to stand on his own two feet. He works in a bazaar carpet shop and calls his boss Ziya ‘Dad’. His only dream is to make a lot of money and escape to achieve a better life.

Cemal lives and works together with a soft-hearted man named Mahmut. While Mahmut is unlucky with women, Cemal’s other friend Arda is a handsome, charming womanizer who works in a jewelry shop. He is always flirting successfully with tourists and his goal is to win the heart of all women.

As they set out to create their miraculous carpet with the help of Zeze and her super thin fingers, they face endless obstacles. Their boss’ son, Cemal’s arch rival, Diyar’s father and her sausage-selling fiancé are all among the enemies blocking their path.

The three friends also face a challenge to keep Zeze in the workshop as she is used to living and stealing on the streets. Diyar herself is mesmerized by the grand bazaar, while Cemal must deal with Ziya’s son Timur, who has sworn to ruin his life.

As they battle against Timur’s plot, they must also protect Diyar from her father and ex-fiancé, while rescuing Zeze from the boss who forced her to become a thief. Then, when everything seems to settle down, Cemal's unexpected death causes them to fall apart. They must make a new start.

As they struggle to get over the tragedy, a mysterious handsome man appears in the market and shows them how to cope with their troubles. In the narrow streets of the sprawling, labyrinthine Grand Bazaar, the friends chase their dreams. In the end, they discover the real miracle is within themselves.